By exhibiting professionalism within the realms of the equity investment business, KIMCO will strive to provide stable and long term returns to our clients. We will pursue incremental betterment via continuous self-improvement, frequent, clear and concise communication within the firm. Such activities should lead to the generation of investment ideas, as well as the enhancement of both investment and risk management processes.

Lastly, KIMCO wishes to contribute to the society through our investment activities

There are 3 guiding principles that we want to express in our mission.

  • An appropriate infrastructure with the right systems and processes must be in place to ensure tasks and operations can be replicated efficiently and without errors.
  • Adapting to changes in all forms is part of ongoing self-improvement. Lessons and knowledge acquired must be shared with colleagues in order to collectively lift KIMCO as a firm in its knowledge base to achieve superior performance.
  • In dialectic philosophy, there is a notion called "interpenetration" where our business concurrently benefits the community, and also draws benefits from its operations. Through our expertise, we should be able to contribute to the society via our knowledge in the financial markets.
    Our contribution is a significant value add to the community and we hold ourselves in high esteem for our participation.