Message from CIO

Toshikatsu Kimura
Founder & Chief Investment Officer
KIMCO International Pte. Ltd.

KIMCO was established in May 2006 as an independent investment management company with offices in Singapore and Tokyo. On 10 September 2012, KIMCO was granted a Capital Markets Services Licence for fund management under the Securities & Futures Act (Cap.289) by the MAS.
Our investment strategy is to pursue absolute return performance via equity investments.
At inception, leveraging our core strengths, knowledge and expertise, our investment focus had been in the Japan market. But extending our scope to other Asian markets had been part of our expansion horizon. In early 2014, we began our Pan-Asia investment strategy.
By expanding our research scope and depth, we aim to improve our investment services to our clients.

On 9 October 2011, Charles D. Eliis, author of the investment classic, "Winning the Loser's Game", gave a lecture at Yurakucho Asahi Hall, Japan. I came upon an excerpt posted by Diamond Inc on Mr. Ellis's lecture and the key take-away is the 7 characteristics of successful management companies:

1) Duty oriented rather than business oriented
2) Possesses long term vision
3) Fresh and independent thinking
4) Manages a company under a healthy environment
5) Selects, educates and retains employees
6) Encourages transparent and robust communication within the organisation
7) Encourages employees to continually improve their investment skills through effective and fair compensation schemes

Identifying with the above, I envision KIMCO's operations and success to be guided as follow:

1) "Duty oriented rather than business oriented"

As a going concern, we must constantly strengthen the foundation of our business in order to gain and keep our clients’ trust. As with our investment portfolios, we will actively manage our business accordingly. "Management" is our core philosophy, and we will strive to maintain the right balance between expectations and our resources.

2) "Possesses long term vision"

Together with our clients, we seek advancement and success in the long term. For this to be realised, we feel that it is important to build a sound and effective investment decision process that offers stability and accountability in our performance for the long term.

3) "Fresh and independent thinking"

It would be meaningless if an independent investment company does not possess a unique quality. We constantly ask ourselves what our uniqueness is. Currently, we pursue a bottom-up fundamental research strategy to generate out-of-the-box independent investment ideas.

4) "Manages a company under a healthy environment"

Propriety, integrity and social responsibility are trademarks of a high-functioning company. We believe these traits are a necessity if we are to be a valued member of the world at large.

5) "Selects, educates and retains employees"

People are the life force of a company, and therefore are a critical and integral part of the business and its culture. Hence, hiring and retaining good people through effective practices and promoting professional and personal growth are crucial for the company to succeed.

6) "Encourages transparent and robust communication within the organisation"

The whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts is true when it comes to the combined knowledge and experience of a company.
To facilitate open and transparent sharing, an internal website named "Shuchi-kun" ("shu" as in group, or mass and "chi" as in knowledge. "Kun" is a casual honorific) is set up to enable an elevation of the collective knowledge base. The intention is to gather and share information to propagate new ideas. Moreover, we believe that robust and transparent communication helps in detecting risk.
Lastly, a strong communication culture is always a sign of a healthy working environment.

7) "Encourages employees to continually improve their investment skills through effective and fair compensation schemes"

We seek a fair employee compensation programme with a long term viability of the company firmly in sight.

In order to be appreciated by our clients, KIMCO needs to be an excellent investment manager. KIMCO's ideology, which concurs with Charles Ellis' definition of an excellent investment manager, is substantiated in our mission and investment thinking.